Sermons from July 2015

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A Story of Sin, Part I

Henri Nouwen reminds us
“We need to become storytellers again,
and so multiply our ministry by calling around us
the great witnesses who in different ways
offer guidance to doubting hearts.
One of the remarkable qualities of the story
is that it creates space.
We can dwell in a story, walk around,
find our own place.
The story confronts but does not oppress;
the story inspires but does not manipulate.
The story invites us to encounter a dialog,
a mutual …

Building a House for God

Do you know what’s amazing . . .
there are over 350,000 churches in this country.
And they come in all shapes and sizes . . .
from little churches with two to three members
all the way up to those great big megachurches
with thousands of members.
But think about it . . . 350,000 churches
built with human hands just in this country . . .
I wonder how many are in the world?!?!?
And truthfully . …

Getting Unstuck

I remember Joe.
When I was just in junior high school,
Joe was the star running back
on the high school football team . . . the Tigers.
In the small town as I grew up in,
football was the heart and soul
of the community’s fellowship . . .
the highlight of 11 weeks during the fall . . .
the great expectation of fame and glory
when the little town’s football team could win
against a rival from …