Sermons from February 2014

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The Fellowship of the Weak


Little babies are such precious and unique creatures . . .
they drift continually from one emotion to the next . . .
a heartwarming smile . . .
that melts into a face full of frown . . .
and just as suddenly into an ear-splitting
outburst of cries and tears . . .
and with just the right touch . . .
or a maybe a change of diaper . . .
the little baby is quiet again …

Salt on the Wound

Salt on the Wound
I do try my best not to use too much salt on my food . . .
that advice comes from both my doctor and my wife.
But honestly . . . would you cook a pot of rice
and not season it with just a little bit of salt?
Can you imagine eating a bowl of grits
that had no salt added to it?
And what about a hamburger . . . or any cut …

A Super Sunday

A Super Sunday Rev. Tom Hagood
What would Jesus’ Super Bowl team look like?
Can you imagine that?
And what should we call the team?
We need something mean and tough.
How about the Galilean Dirty Dozen?
If you think about it . . . Jesus, of course,
is the head coach.
And what a great head coach he is.
And for the sake of putting an eleven man squad
on the field, we’ll let Judas be the water boy.